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Choir aims

Sheffield One World Choir is a project that arose to achieve positive social change through the development of a welcoming and vibrant community choir, primarily for asylum seekers and refugees in Sheffield. 

  • 1.    To offer a life-enhancing and sociable choir within Sheffield, primarily for asylum seekers and refugees, but also including other people living in Sheffield. 

  • 2.    To break down barriers between people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds through singing

  • 3.    To be accessible to people who are isolated in their homes, and with little or no singing experience

  • 4.    To enable people to develop their self-esteem, confidence, new friendships and musical skills through singing. 

  • 5.    To inspire others, through performing at local community events and to enhance local cultural life. 

  • 6.    To provide isolated or vulnerable people with a mutual support network

  • 7.    To promote cultural awareness and mutual understanding through sharing songs from group members’ countries or cultures

  • 8.    To be based in Sheffield and easily accessible to the diverse communities of the area

  • 9.    To link up with and work in partnership with other like-minded choirs and organisations in the locality for mutual support.

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